1. Asking « Are they twins ? » – You may not be Captain Obvious, but please open your eyes.


2. Stopping and standing by, with some blissful look, in front of the pram – Please, we’re not some Circus Freaks, at least say « Hello » or throw a coin


3. Saying « You have your hands full » or « Good Luck » – We don’t need any more luck than having our children, say something we didn’t heard 15 times today, like « You are doing a good job ! »


4. Purposely come in the way of the stroller – You may know how heavy a double stroller is, that would be a mess to have your feet injured because we didn’t see you (ooops !)


5. Giving a panicking look (especially when kids are both nicely sleeping) or saying « Oh. My. God. » – As far as I know, no parent of twins died from being one, please keep your anxiety for your therapist


6. Helping us while on holding babies (or baby + something else) – Holding two babies require some special ninja’s skills, we’re like a Waiter with your drinks. Unless we nicely ask for, please don’t do anything


7. Engaging conversation when we have nasty face or are avoiding eye-contact – Not that we do bite or something, but with twins, we can’t afford to spend 20 minutes at each aisle of the Supermarket to answer your (nosey) questions. If you feel that you HAVE to say something, just say « Congratulations ! They are beautiful ! ». Next time, we may talk about the delivery…


8. Coming uninvited and expecting a gourmet meal – We don’t even have time to cook for us… Please bring a tasty dinner with you (with some more to freeze) instead, or take the kids on a walk for 2-3 hours so we can nap !


9. Saying something on our appearance or about the mess in the house – Unless if you have a generous intention (like doing some laundry), avoid it or a hoover may fall down your head


10. Asking « are they identical ? »– If you can’t figure it out by simply looking at the children (a different hair is NOT a sign that they are not), well, don’t ask anyway. You don’t need to know.


11. Buying stuff without asking first – Ok, theses two onesizes « Twin #1 » and « Twin #2 » are cute, but we have 3 sets of them in the same size. Ask us before, we will be grateful to receive something that’s realy usefull to us


12. Comparing the children – Being twins doesn’t mean you sleep or cry at the same time (that’s why it’s funny. Or not), and yes, one could be brown-eyed and the other blue-eyed, like any siblings. Incredible !


13. Calling them « Hey Twins ! » – We spent NIGHTS choosing TWO names for them, please pay some respect


14. Taking your own child to task like « Hey look there, TWINS ! It’s TWINS, LOOK ! » – Apart from being super rude, there will be good chances that they’ll feel embarrassed (or don’t even feel concerned,  especially when they are 2 months old). Show they some bird or a falling star instead


15. Buying one toy for two – We are aware of them sharing everything especially germs, but still…


16. Relating stories about the awful life/delivery of someone that has a sister that know someone who had Twins – We watched all « Jon & Kate Plus 8 » episodes’ during our maternity leave, nothing can scare us more


17.  Show some tasteless jokes like « Double Trouble ! » « Two for the price of one » « Have a licence for that vehicle ? » « Glad it’s you and not me » – Because it’s not funny. Especially when it’s the 40th time you heard it that day.


Despite all that, we still like you, People 🙂


A special thanks  to Maryline W. for reviewing this article ❤